The Conshohocken Rowing Center now offers personal training workouts and classes at our facility for anyone wanting to improve and get into shape. Starting in 2016, CRC will have two specific workouts available to both members and open public.

Land Training - GFM 

GFM – “Ground Force Method” is a mobility and stability class for all ages and abilities. It is a low intensity class designed to reintroduce you to training. Participants will receive an FMS Assessment (Functional Movement Screen) and personalized exercises to help them feel more mobile, stable, and flexible. This is a perfect class for non-athletes and rowers that are looking for a “recovery” workout.

Land Training - K.I.W.K 

K.I.W.K. – “Killing it With Kettlebells” is a full body Kettlebell class that help increase your overall strength and burns body fat. The class includes a mixture of aerobic training, mobility, stability, and core training. This class is for all ages and abilities. It is a perfect class for rowers that are looking to get stronger and more powerful without putting on too much muscle.

Land Training - 1 Session

Land Training - 1 session is an introductory class that our trainers use to evaluate athletes and direct them to our other specific workouts to help people reach their personal goals. It is also the pay-as-you-go option if you choose not to purchase bulk sessions. 

Our select staff has years of experience as personal trainers and instructors to help you get the results you want. Payments for land activities are designated by season Fall, Spring, or Winter and have an expiration. 

Further details and discounts are available for residents of the Borough of Conshohocken.

You can register on Regatta Central under 'Programs & Classes'. Email with questions and further inquiries.